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WPLE ventilation and dehumidification units with heat pumps

WPLE ventilation and dehumidification units with heat pumps

The WPLE ventilation and dehumidification units with a heat pump and a heat recuperator are designed for automated dehumidification and comfortable ventilation of small and large swimming pools where great importance is attached to energetically and financially efficient solutions.

Unit boxes are assembled from aluminium profiles. The casing is constituted by double panels made from galvanized metal sheets with thermal and acoustic insulation from mineral wool of 25 mm wide. The panels allow for easy access, control and maintenance of all internal parts including air filters and cooling circuits.

The units are equipped with energy-saving radial EC ventilators with blades turned backwards, a recuperation heat exchanger, hot water based re-heater of input air, easily exchangeable pocket filters for input (F7) and outlet (G4) air, circulation and by-pass flaps and automatic regulation. Furthermore, WPLE WT units have titanium exchanger for heating of swimming pool water.

WPLE units are compact systems with a full cooling circuit containing a working filling which consists of a refrigerant and oil. Before WPLE units are ready for operation, they need to be connected to an external air-conditioning distribution and heating water piping, to electric network and external temperature and humidity sensor and a condensate drain needs to be connected to canalisation.

WPLE units consist of two sections transported separately which are put together to a single aggregate during installation.

Basic functions of WPLE units


For the process of ventilation, the unit operates with 100% fresh air with heat recovery is standard. In summer operation, the unit can run without the heat recovery which is disabled by integral by-pass (by-pass of recuperation exchanger).


For the process of dehumidification, the unit operates either only with circulation air or circulation air mixed with a certain portion (a nominal value of 30%) of fresh air drawn in, heat recovery is standard. In summer operation, the unit can work without the heat recovery.

Advantages of WPLE units

  • Easy installation
  • Smooth operations in automated regime
  • Excellent technical parameters
  • High energetic effect - heat pump + heat recuperation
  • Low consumption of electric energy - EC ventilators
  • Silent operation
  • Intelligent control system
  • Minimal requirements for maintenance

Models available

WPLE 2250 - ventilation performance of 2250 m3 /h
WPLE 3000 - ventilation performance of 3000 m3 /h 
WPLE 3900 - ventilation performance of 3900 m3 /h 
WPLE 5200 - ventilation performance of 5200 m3 /h
WPLE 2250 / WT -  ventilation performance of 2250 m3 /h, swimming-pool water warming
WPLE 3000 / WT -  ventilation performance of 3000 m3 /h, swimming-pool water warming
WPLE 3900 / WT -  ventilation performance of /h, swimming-pool water warming
WPLE 5200 / WT -  ventilation performance of 5200 m3 /h, swimming-pool water warming

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