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About the company

The PZP HEATING a.s. company is a production firm operating on the Czech market as well as abroad for more than fifteen years. It is engaged in development and manufacture of heat pumps for heating and hot water production, ventilation and dehumidification units; in terms of custom-made orders it engages in a specialised production of cooling technology.

It is particularly the branch of heat pump manufacture, where the company has gained a dominating position on the domestic market and has ranked among the sought-after manufacturers of high-quality units with excellent technical parameters, the evidence of which can be a number of prestigious prizes from international exhibitions and competitions.

PZP HEATING a.s. is a subsidiary company of Kermi GmbH - a significant German producer in the field of sanitary and heating technology belonging to the Swiss AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG. With internationally strong Kermi trademark and AFG holding in the background, the PZP HEATING a.s. company represents for its clients and regular business partners a reliable supplier of top quality and technologically advanced products, services and technical support and long-term position on the market.

On the international scale, AFG is the leading group of companies producing technical systems and equipments for buildings providing innovative solutions and services in the area of energetic efficiency, safety and quality of life. A company quoted at the SIX Swiss Exchange stock market is located in Arbon, Swizerland, and active in more than 70 countries around the world having more than 50 sales companies and business representatives and partners. 18 production plants are located in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, the United States and China. It employs approximately 7000 people.

In terms of AFG holding, PZP HEATING represents a specialised centre for research, development and production of vast range of heat pumps. It offers attractive yet affordable system solutions which are distributed by commercial network around the world.

Production plant in Dobré



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Why heat pumps from PZP?

  • We are the largest producer of heat pumps on the Czech market
  • The PZP heat pumps are well known for being reliable
  • We provide 24-hour service for the entire Czech Republic.
  • We deliver complete turnkey projects.
  • Superior full warranty for 5 years.


  • A dominant producer in the field of heat pumps
  • Producer of systems with excellent technical parameters.
  • A holder of numerous awards from international markets
  • A supplier of reliable and economical solutions
  • A producer with own service network covering the entire Czech Republic