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Heating of corporate premises with the use of a water-water heat pump, Olomouc

The installed heat pump: water-water HP3WW12G.
The costs of running the building before the installation of the heat pump were: 36,000 CZK/year. The costs of running the building after the installation of the heat pump are: 21,000 CZK/year.

The customer’s reasoning for recommendation of this solution to his acquaintance:

‘This is an economically convenient energy source.’

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Why heat pumps from PZP?

  • We are the largest producer of heat pumps on the Czech market
  • The PZP heat pumps are well known for being reliable
  • We provide 24-hour service for the entire Czech Republic.
  • We deliver complete turnkey projects.
  • Superior full warranty for 5 years.


  • A dominant producer in the field of heat pumps
  • Producer of systems with excellent technical parameters.
  • A holder of numerous awards from international markets
  • A supplier of reliable and economical solutions
  • A producer with own service network covering the entire Czech Republic