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Heat pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most economical sources of heat of the future. As the source of energy, they use natural heat from ambient air or geothermal energy accumulated in earth or ground water. These are types of highly efficient sources of energy.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump uses for its operations natural heat which comes from its immediate surroundings (earth, air or water). The principle of a heat pump can be divided into the following four phases:

1. Getting heat from the surroundings

The refrigerant (liquid) takes heat from the surroundings (heat from earth, air or water - depending on the type of a heat pump) through heat exchanger and turns to a gas. The heat in this form is subsequently transferred to a heat pump.

2. Compression

The gas is rapidly compressed in a heat pump and thanks to the compression (physical principle - with higher pressure the temperature rises) it rapidly increases its temperature.

3. Heat transmission

By means of the exchanger, the heated refrigerant transfers its heat to heating water, which then flows to heater (radiator), floor heating, a boiler or swimming pool.

4. Expansion

The cooled refrigerant then travels from the exchanger to exchanger, where it receives heat from its surroundings.

This simple principle constantly repeats.

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Heat pump advantages

Cost-saving heat

Heat pumps use natural heat which they ‘borrow’ for free from their surrounding environment. The only costs are connected to electric energy which is necessary for the heat pumps to operate.

Ecological operation

A heat pump operates with ecologically harmless technology. It takes heat from its surrounding environment and returns it back via thermal losses through the fabric of the building.

Financial return

Thanks to low operation costs, a heat pump represents a short period return of the initial financial investment.

Energy efficiency

In comparison with other conventional heat sources, which from 1 kW of used primary energy always produce less than 1 kW of heat, a heat pump produces up to 4 to 5 kW of heat from 1 kW of input energy. It produces heating and hot water in maximum efficiency and environmentally friendly throughout the whole year.

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