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Heat pumps – quality label

The EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) quality label for heat pumps originates in activities of the heat pump associations of Austria, Germany and Switzerland (D-A-CH quality label) to protect the market from sales and installation of low-quality heat pumps and to create a common set of requirements to ensure product and service quality for heat pumps.

Certified products were in the past subsequently labelled ‘Wärmepumpen Gütesiegel‘ or the quality label for German speaking countries.

The idea has been further developed in the European Heat Pump Association which now unites 21 countries, or national heat pump associations and the country scope has been extending.

In order to reflect this development, the D-A-CH quality label has been gradually replaced by the EHPA Quality Label (EHPA-QL). In addition to the founding countries the EHPA Quality Label was introduced in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland and in 2010 also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech Heat Pump Association, as a founding member of EHPA, created according to the EHPA rules a national commission, which is empowered to award a quality label valid in the Czech Republic. The label can be granted to standardized space heating electrically-driven heat pumps, with or without domestic hot water heating capability, with a capacity up to 100 kW from air, geothermal or water heat sources.

"Quality label", based on the required criteria can successfully help the further development of the growing market of heat pumps in that:

  • it provides consumer protection ensuring them that the labelled product has guaranteed quality parameters, it uses the most up-to-date technologies and provides constantly improving long-term advantages.
  • it provides compelling arguments (institutional and financial) to all institutions and investors seeking to use governmental grants.
  • it supports the current concept of heat pumps as an energy-efficient, reliable and high quality products.
  • it supports the inclusion of the heat pump in innovative technology for obtaining renewable external heat which is environmentally friendly.
  • it helps protect existing heat pump market against poor quality products.

In order to assign EHPA quality label, the heat pump must meet the EHPA test criteria that performs accredited or testing laboratories and a manufacturer or distributor must provide a defined levels of service.

Some of the key requirements are:

  1. Conformity of the product with the national rules and regulation.
  2. Minimum efficiency values defined by performance factor (COP) and specified for
  3. each method as follows:
    • Earth - Water B0/W35 - COP 4.30
    • Water - Water W10/W35 - COP 5.10
    • Air - Water A2/W35 - COP 3.10
    • Direct exchange ground – water E4/W35 - COP 4.30
  4. Confirmation by EHPA accredited laboratory of the energetic parameters of the heat pump listed by the manufacturer.
  5. Existence of sales and distribution, planning, service and operating documents in the local language of the country where the heat pump is distributed.
  6. Existence of a functioning customer service network in the sales area that allows for
  7. a 24h reaction time to consumer complaints.
  8. A two year full warranty which shall include a declaration stating that the heat pump
  9. spare parts inventory will be available for at least ten years.

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