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Corporate strategy

Quality and environment policy of the PZP HEATING a.s. company

In order to maintain and further improve its position on the market, the PZP HEATING a.s. company wishes to announce the following strategic goals in the area of product quality and environment policy:

  1. In order to satisfy the customer’s needs, the company shall supply the market with products according to its program; such products are able to equally satisfy the customer’s requirements for quality, safety, economical aspects, and environmental protection.
  2. The company shall increase the sale of heat pumps and thus contribute to the reduction of the consumption of energy necessary for the heating of buildings. In this way the company will contribute to the preservation of primary energetic sources and to the reduction of air pollution.
  3. The company shall systematically improve the level of environmental protection during the entire service life of its products, doing so from the first stage of the production through operation to the completion of service life.
  4. The company will make continual efforts to improve the awareness of customers, business partners and the public about the quality of its products, their benefits and contribution to the environmental protection.
  5. The company will continuously improve the quality of provided services, the efficiency of production costs and working environment.
  6. As a part of its corporate business strategy, the company will build a sales, assembly, and service network within the entire Czech Republic and other countries and thus increase the ratio of PZP products on the market.

Top quality products

  • Top quality is one of the main premises for our customers and therefore our goal is to surpass our competition with the highest possible quality of our products.
  • We understand quality as the optimization and evaluation of a business process.
  • The uppermost goal of the organisation of the company and all its personnel is to comply with the requirements of our customers.
  • Great efforts are put into increasing the shares in the market and ensuring the economy of our business.
  • We make sure our co-workers accomplish all responsible tasks and we help them to grow on both personal and professional level.
  • We are fully aware of the need to be constantly adjusting our performance and processes in accordance to the ever changing requirements of our partners.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is a priority for the PZP HEATING a.s. company who is aware of its responsibility to the environment and thus plays an active role in the process. Environmental protection and recycling is part and parcel of every stage in the production process starting with the planning. All production lines work without the use of pollutants, waste is reduced and energy-saving measurements are put in place. Every product of PZP HEATING a.s. is delivered in a completed and assembled stage without harmful emissions. Thanks to the production which operates without heavy metals and FCKW, the environmental protection is not endangered even when disposing of our products.

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Why heat pumps from PZP?

  • We are the largest producer of heat pumps on the Czech market
  • The PZP heat pumps are well known for being reliable
  • We provide 24-hour service for the entire Czech Republic.
  • We deliver complete turnkey projects.
  • Superior full warranty for 5 years.


  • A dominant producer in the field of heat pumps
  • Producer of systems with excellent technical parameters.
  • A holder of numerous awards from international markets
  • A supplier of reliable and economical solutions
  • A producer with own service network covering the entire Czech Republic