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X-BUFFER 200 compact buffer storage

x-buffer 200: 3D řez
připojení - detail
The x-buffer 200 compact buffer storage unit stores the heat energy generated and delivers it to the heating system. Thanks to modern insulation, this innovative storage unit keeps heat losses extremely small.


  • Two different buffer sizes
  • Storage tank 127 l
  • 204 l boiler with 3,5 m2 heat exchanger
  • Three-way changeover valve (heating / hot water preparation)
  • Circulator pump of secondary circuit HP
  • Electric heaters for heating and hot water production
  • Circulation pump for heating circuit
  • Hydraulic and electrical connections inside the unit
  • Very easy and time-saving installation of the whole system
  • Maintenance is performed only from one - front side
  • High thermal insulation of the tank and heater
  • Low operational losses thanks to high-quality insulation

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Parameters of X-BUFFER 200

Heat pump type X-BUFFER 200
Protection degree - IP41
Insulation - PU hard foam
Insulation thickness mm min. 75
Dimensions: height x width x depth mm 1865 x 705 x 890
Weight kg 255
Technical properties of the boiler
Useful boiler volume l 204
Heat exchanger area m2 3,5
Max. operating temperature °C 95
Max. operating pressure bar 6
Testing pressure bar 9
Heating output of electric heater kW 3
Heat loss W 45
Energy class - B
Technical properties of the storage tank
Storage tank volume
l 127
Max. operating temperature °C 95
Max. operating pressure bar 3
Testing pressure
bar 4,5
Heating output of electric heater kW 6
Heat loss W 49
Energy class - B

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