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DYNAMIC air - water heat pumps

DYNAMIC air - water heat pumps

The best heat pumps in their class with the highest savings of operating costs. Advanced regulation with a colour touch display screen and intuitive control.

The AWX DYNAMIC heat pump with smooth modulation of performance ideally answers needs of the building and thereby optimizes to maximum the costs of heating and hot water warming. It achieves high effectiveness not only by means of compressor performance control but also by matching the speeds of fan and circulation pump. Its operation is very silent due to especially designed lamellas, the use of ultra-silent fan EC and perfect insulation of the compressor part.

The AWX DYNAMIC heat pumps are offered in two models the heating performance of which is 2 – 8 kW and 6 – 16 kW. These heat pumps already fulfil the conditions of class A+++ that will be put into practice in 2019.

Heat pump control

Setting of parameters for the heat pump and the heating system is easy and intuitive in using the touch screen. Operating states and values such as heating factor are clearly shown on the colour seven-inch display screen. In the delivery included there is a switchboard providing power switching of the standby heat source, circulation pumps and individual regulating elements. Control and parameter setting is further possible by means of a computer, notebook, tablet, smart phone etc. Every user has then possibility of remote monitoring and control of the heat pump.

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Parameters of AWX DYNAMIC heat pump

Heat pump type HP3AWX
Output type 08 D 16 D
Energetic parameters
Heat performance range (kW) 4 - 13 8 - 22
Performance factor A7/W35 5,02 5,06
Performance factor A2/W35 4,11 4,32
Performance factor A-7/W35 3,15 3,15
Pdesign (kW) 8 16
Other parameters
Compressor/refrigerant Scroll/R410A
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1430 x 680 x 1140 1430 x 680 x 1360
Acoustic pressure at a distance 3 m (dB) 30 35

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Why heat pumps from PZP?

  • We are the largest producer of heat pumps on the Czech market
  • The PZP heat pumps are well known for being reliable
  • We provide 24-hour service for the entire Czech Republic.
  • We deliver complete turnkey projects.
  • Superior full warranty for 5 years.


  • A dominant producer in the field of heat pumps
  • Producer of systems with excellent technical parameters.
  • A holder of numerous awards from international markets
  • A supplier of reliable and economical solutions
  • A producer with own service network covering the entire Czech Republic