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Heat from air

AMBIENT air - water

The AMBIENT heat pump is highly convincing thanks to its extremely efficient, virtually silent operation. This is made possible by a new...

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DYNAMIC air - water

The best heat pumps in their class with the highest savings of operating costs. Advanced regulation with a colour touch display screen and...

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ECONOMIC air - water

The AWX ECONOMIC air - water heat pump is the basic model in our new generation of compact air - water heat pumps. This heat pump is intended...

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COOL air - water

The AWX COOL compact air-water heat pumps with the function of cooling can solve all issues of modern heating and air conditioning. Due to their...

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ARCTIC air - water

The AWX ARCTIC heat pump works with „air – water“ system. The system is based on acquiring heat from air which is subsequently used for...

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AW SPLIT air - water

The SPLIT heat pumps working with the „air - water“ system are the most technically advanced type of heat pumps (acquire heat from air which...

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AA SPLIT air - air

The SPLIT heat pumps working with the „air - air“ system are primarily suitable for industrial applications in large production halls,...

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The THERMAL 300 fresh heat pump uses the air (room, exhaust or outside air) to heat domestic water. It has a storage capacity of 258 litres and...

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The x-buffer 200 compact buffer storage unit stores the heat energy generated and delivers it to the heating system. Thanks to modern insulation,...

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Why heat pumps from PZP?

  • We are the largest producer of heat pumps on the Czech market
  • The PZP heat pumps are well known for being reliable
  • We provide 24-hour service for the entire Czech Republic.
  • We deliver complete turnkey projects.
  • Superior full warranty for 5 years.


  • A dominant producer in the field of heat pumps
  • Producer of systems with excellent technical parameters.
  • A holder of numerous awards from international markets
  • A supplier of reliable and economical solutions
  • A producer with own service network covering the entire Czech Republic