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AA SPLIT air - air heat pumps

AA SPLIT air - air heat pumps

The SPLIT heat pumps working with the „air - air“ system are primarily suitable for industrial applications in large production halls, industrial plants, halls and supermarkets. For that reason they offer heating solution for large-volume spaces with high requirements for consistent and optimal temperature. These devices draw natural heat from ambient air and the produced heat is transferred by means of air circulation to the required location. Compared to electric or gas boilers, these heat pumps can safe significant amount of financial resources.

Three parts of SPLIT heat pumps

The SPLIT heat pumps with „air - air“ system consists of three technically interconnected parts:

The external part – evaporator

The heat pump evaporator should be installed outside the building in a convenient location not too far from the heated building. It is designed to produce heat from ambient air.

The internal part of the heat pump

The internal part of the heat pump contains energetic and ventilation parts and can be installed in a suitable place inside the building and connected directly to the system of air-conditioning pipeline.

The box containing control panel and control system

The third part of the whole system is  a control panel and control system providing for the full control of the heat pump operations.

The air - air heat pumps are available in two output types (16 and 35 kW). In case higher outputs are needed, the control system allows for connecting more heat pumps in a form of cascade.

Heat pump control

The control box - electrical switchboard contains microprocessor control system for heat pump control, power switching and regulation elements, a comfort control panel with graphic display screen.

The properties of „air - air“ SPLIT heat pumps

  • Exceptional energetic parameters.
  • Heating in winter - cooling in summer (air-conditioning).
  • Effective operation up to -25°C.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Very silent operation.
  • Top quality.

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Parameters of „air – air“ SPLIT heat pump:

Heat pump type HPAA
Output type 16 35
Energetic parameters  A2/A20*
Heating output (kW) 18,8 37,6
Performance factor (COP) 3,5 3,5
Other parameters
Compressor/refrigerant Scroll/R404A
Size of internal unit - Width x depth x height (mm) 1900 x 800 x 800 2100 x 970 x 1200
Size of external unit - Width x depth x height (mm) 1135 x 1972 x 1295 950 x 2140 x 1295
Number of external units (pc) 1 2

*Performance parameters are measured according to standard EN 14511

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